UCTS: University College Technology |

Best University in Sibu

Establish years : 2013

Location : Sibu, Sarawak

University Type : Private University

Accommodation : On- Campus & Off- Campus

Best & Popular courses

- Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Hons)

- Bachelor of Food Technology (Hons)

- Bachelor of Quantity Surveying (Hons)

- Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons)

- Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honours)

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Why Choose University College Technology

Global Technological University Founded on Science and Technology

Financial Aid Available for Various Programmes

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Peek Into the Life of a University College Technology Student

Scholarship & Promotion

- PTPTN Loan

- YAYASAN Sarawak Loan


- Sarawak Energy Berhad ( SEB ) Scholarship

- Yu Chee Hee And Lee Kwan Charitable Trust ( YCHLK Scholarship )

...and many more scholarship available

Application Procedure

Step 1 - Fill in application form HERE

Step 2 - Apply for scholarship / financial aid

Step 3 - Apply for accommodations &  transportation assistance

Step 4 - Send your application & relevant documents to us

Why apply University College Technology through S Lead?

All extra services are Free Of Charge and do not affect the amount of your tuition fee

Free online counselling through WhatsApp

We start by understanding your needs and goals

We assist you to collect all the documents you will need for your scholarship application

We guide you through all the application process

Guarantee free sign up gift, and stand a chance to get a Huawei Smartphone

Our goal is to ensure every student has the best chances of success to access higher education, flourish, and achieve his/her dreams.


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